I knew that I wanted to use roses as the backbone to my tiny front plot so I contacted a South Australian rose grower for assistance with my choice.  I have learned over the years that it is not a good idea to choose just from the heart, as I have done that before and failed dismally.  She asked me such questions as size of the area, facing which direction, and importantly, colour of bricks (red/orange) and paintwork (cream).    Two scenarios were suggested – one pink and the other apricot.   On choosing apricot, the plan was set and the order placed for five Just Joey Standards and one Weeping Crepescule to be delivered bare-rooted ready for planting.

JUST JOEY  This extremely beautiful, uniquely coloured, sweetly scented rose was voted The World’s Favourite Rose in 1994 at the Rose World Convention in New Zealand and inducted into the Rose Hall of Fame.   It is a classic Hybrid Tea shape with large blooms (35 petals) of deep, rich coppery orange/salmon to buff hues shading and lightening toward the waved and frilled edges.   It is a continual blooming rose on a plant with deep-green strong foliage.                                                      Just Joey was bred by Cants of Colchester, United Kingdom, in 1972.         It was named for the wife of the Managing Director of Cants of Colchester, Joey Pawsey.  The Company, in Essex, was established in 1765 and is the U.K’s oldest firm of commercial rose growers with over 245 years of experience.






Crepescule is a reliable, strong rose bred by Francis Dubreuil in France in 1904.   It is classified as a Noisette, one of the Old Garden Rose categories.   It is orange, fading to apricot-cream;  the name is French for ‘twilight’, very apt given its colour is reminiscent of sunset.  It has softly fragrant blooms, flowers over a long period (is a repeat flowerer) and is almost thornless.   It is very disease resistant and its combined attributes ensure that it is a favourite in many gardens, both private and public, around the world.                                               On more than one occasion, on explaining to strangers where I live, the comment is “Oh, you’re in the cottage with THE rose”.   It certainly has an identity all of its own.   Recently, when visiting the Sydney Botanic Gardens, I saw a bed of six (sadly not in flower) but with the potential for a wonderful display.



Joyfulness, a Hybrid Tea, is fragrant, very strong and has healthy growth.   The long solitary stems bear large blooms in pastel shades of apricot, cream and pink which change form and colour based on the heat of the season.   It is a moderately fragrant rose excellent for cutting and is a repeat bloomer.                                                                                                                         When a dear friend passed away (her name was Joy) a mutual friend had Joyfulness delivered to my doorstep.  Joy had been a friend and work colleague for many years so it brings fond memories of her and also of the friend who was so thoughtful at that sad time.   Joyfulness is in a terracotta pot and came with me from my PAST Garden.   It is now producing beautiful blooms from a sun-filled corner of my PRESENT garden.

Abraham Lincoln

Abraham Lincoln


2 thoughts on “RADIANT ROSES

  1. Our “Just Joey” is a Standard rose and was planted in memory of our darling Jo ( so we know what you mean about fond memories). It does not flower as prolifically as yours, but is still beautiful.


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