The Karlkurla Bushland Park is in Kalgoorlie, Western Australia. The park comprises 200 hectares of natural regrowth bushland, along with over 2,000 trees and shrubs planted by 400 community volunteers in the year 2000. This was an Olympic Landcare Project undertaken to commemorate the passing of the Olympic Torch through the city. “KARLKURLA” (pronounced gull-gurl-la) is the local Aboriginal word for the Silky Pear, one of the many native bushes, trees and small plants that can now be enjoyed while strolling along the Park’s four kilometre walking trail. The gravel-based trail begins with a boardwalk and up two hills with excellent views over the surrounding area. Katunga Lookout on the main hill gives views across to the city and nearby mining activities. I experienced and enjoyed this walk with my nephew’s wife in the cool of an early morning.

In the days when the mines were fuelled by wood-fired steam engines, most of the extensive eucalypt woodland that surrounded Kalgoorlie Boulder was felled by wood-cutters. In the decades since wood-cutting ceased, these woodlands have regenerated, with this Park being an excellent example of nature’s regenerative powers. The Park is open all year round and is popular with bushwalkers and picnickers.


Hammond Park is a lush green oasis in the middle of the outback, housing a diverse range of activities to suit the whole family. It is accessed by a large number of people throughout the year. The Park houses a native bird and animal collection that can be seen by visitors. A variety of fish and birds are located in the pond area. The Park has been a favourite spot for my Nephew to take his two gorgeous girls and they enjoyed sharing it with me. It is also home to the city’s impressive miniature Bavarian Castle that is said to have 40,000 gemstones decorating the facade. The heritage listed rotunda, a beautiful structure over 100 years old is one of the largest in Western Australia. Constructed in 1903, the timber-framed Rotunda is an important cultural and social meeting place for Kalgoorlie residents. It is one of the largest rotundas of its type in Western Australia; it has a unique onion dome with a spire and crescent moon raised above the roof apex and a decorative cast-iron frieze.



  1. Quite a trip down memory lane for me. Thank you for sharing the beautiful photos! You will have to visit our new home in the Dry Tropics.


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