THE BIBLICAL GARDEN in Elgin, Moray, Scotland is situated just around the corner from the entrance to the Elgin Cathedral on a piece of ground three acres in size. It was established in 1996. The Cathedral is a magnificent ruin dating back to the 13th Century – one of Scotland’s most beautiful medieval buildings. Whilst using the Bible as its reference point and including all one hundred and ten plants mentioned therein, together with sculptures depicting the parables, it is intended that this garden, as well as being of considerable interest to those who study the scriptures, will also encourage anyone who enjoys gardens and gardening. It is a garden of repose.
An impressive central walkway, requiring over one thousand textured paving slabs, has been laid in the shape of a Celtic cross. Mount Sinai and the cave of the resurrection and a marsh area have been included within the garden. My visit was with travel companions in 2006 so there would have been very obvious changes in the intervening years, both with the growth of trees and with new projects that have come to fruition – a planned Rock Garden being a major one. Naturally, change of season brings change to colour and variety to the cycle of blooms.

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A delightful, tastefully presented garden – a peaceful place in a very busy world.


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