There’s a rather special commodity that exists the whole world round
whether you’re North, South, East or West there’s at least one to be found
They come in all shapes and sizes, some are noisy, some are mild
and some are fully house-trained and some are rather wild.
They also vary in efficiency, just like any product, I guess
Some live in a dust-free world while others revel in mess
Some spend lots of money and others scrimp and save
Some are polite at parties and the rest just won’t behave
Some are rather painful, they scream and stamp their feet
over little insignificant things like not keeping your bedroom neat
But generally they cook for us and wash and iron our clothes
Where would we be without them? Cold and hungry I suppose
So when all is finally said and done what with one thing and another
none of us would have got very far without that first push from our mother
So on May 14 (May 10 in 2015) let’s rally round, give three big cheers and say
with flowers, chocolate or brekky in bed
“Have a happy Mother’s Day!”

Published in 1989 in Teenage News, a free Adelaide Newspaper – written by my middle daughter.



3 thoughts on “MOTHER

  1. Thanks Shirley hope you had a special Mother’s Day today! It was lovely for me being with Beth – unplanned too-did not know it would be Mother’s Day!!!



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