In April 2010 a school holiday outing with my youngest grand-daughter, then aged 12, was to the Adelaide Botanic Garden (reviewed in the previous Post). The weather was beautiful with an amazing blue sky and we set out with drinks and snacks, each carrying a camera. Hence she is the guest photographer for this Post.  We had a flower photography day, first in the Rose Garden and then in a special Dahlia bed which was at peak flowering.

The Rose Garden has areas devoted to Australian bred roses, single roses, heritage roses and pillar roses.  Begun in 1996, the National Rose Trial Garden is the first of its kind in Australia. Roses are tested for their suitability for Australian climates. The garden is a joint venture between the Botanic Gardens of Adelaide, the National Rose Trial Society of Australia and the rose industry.

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Dramatic spreads of colourful dahlias are hard to beat and although the Dahlia bed is not large in area, the tall plants stand close together and we wandered the little pathway through the flowers. Dahlias are named for the Swedish Botanist, Dr. Anders Dahl. These wonderful flowers originated in the mountain ranges of Mexico, Guatemala and Columbia, before becoming popular throughout the world. There are hundreds, if not thousands, of different cultivars and hybrids. One of the important activities of the Dahlia Society of Australia is the voluntary work supporting Botanic Garden Staff to maintain the dahlia bed in Adelaide.

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When we returned home she busied herself deleting some, downloading to the Computer and, using Photoshop Elements, composed a Rose Collage and a Dahlia Collage. These were then printed and laminated ready to take home to the family for “Show and Tell”.

What grows in the garden, so lovely and rare?                                                                                                     Roses and Dahlias and people grow there.

                                                                                                 From TV Show – A Gardener’s Diary



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