Lampert Road, Piccadilly, South Australia.

This is a spectacular hills garden located on the eastern slopes of Mount Lofty, less than thirty minutes from Adelaide’s city centre. It was opened in 1977. The high rainfall, acidic soil and the aspect of the slopes are ideal for growing a wide variety of plants. Two lakes have been created to assist with irrigation and to enable planting of water-loving plants. 100 hectares of native bushland has been transformed into a cool temperate garden which is great to explore all year round. Changing seasons bring changing features as plants have been introduced from South America, China, East Africa, New Zealand, South East Asia and North America and all have their time to shine.

AUTUMN FOLIAGE  (photographed in the month of May)

Spring and Autumn in the garden are both magnificent with stunning mass displays of magnolias, rhododendrons, camellias, hydrangeas and roses adding a splash of colour to the landscape. Meandering pathways with good signage take walkers up and down the seven valleys with encouragement to walk on the grass, touch, see and smell.  There is also a significant area of natural bushland with local native flora. Fern Gully is home to one of the richest collections of Ferns in Australia.

A PHOTOGRAPHER’S DELIGHT (photographed in the month of November)

I have visited the garden many times and in all seasons over the years. I have clear memories of being there with my middle daughter, with grandson (now 22) in the stroller, when a sudden downpour took us by surprise causing us to shelter under the ferns in Fern Gully. One late afternoon during a more recent visit with a friend from Zürich we were suddenly wet as the sprinklers came on in the Rhododendron Valley – all part of the special memories of the experiences in this beautiful place.

ARRIVAL OF SPRING (photographed in the month of September)

On entering the gates of the Garden last week, before reaching the car park, I could see the magnificent blooms on the magnolia trees in the gully to my left. In this area there are magnolias and conifers. The Trail shows the magnolia family dressed to perfection during the months of August and September. I was delighted to walk the Trail on a delightful sunny day.

MAGNOLIA GULLY (photographed in the month of September)

This is a garden in an amazing hillside setting. There is a delightful view (from the upper car park) of the Piccadilly Valley and surrounding orchards and market gardens.





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