In this Post we return to the capital city of Adelaide in my home State, South Australia.

Rymill Park, also known as Park 14 of the Adelaide Parklands is a recreation park located in the East parklands. It is in close proximity to the Adelaide Botanic Gardens (see Post of July 2015) and the city centre.   The park occupies 14.5 hectares (36 acres), and is named after Sir Arthur Rymill, Lord Mayor of Adelaide from 1950 to 1954 and Council member for 23 years.

The boat lake was constructed in 1959 and the rose gardens, which are a feature, were created in the 1960s by excavating what was then the Bartels Road rubbish tip. The rose garden is approached through a wisteria walk. The Lake is surrounded by winding paths and green lawns, flowers and avenues of large shady trees.  The lake was drained in November 2007 to make repairs addressing the leaking of 200,000 litres per week through the gaps in the stone wall; the lake was refilled in September 2008 and children, boats and ducks returned.   There is a playground, kiosk, barbecue facilities and shady picnic spots.

Many of the park’s larger trees provide hollows which are used for nesting by various native bird species. Ducks are present all year round at the artificial lake, the most common species being Pacific black ducks and Australian wood ducks. There is even a “duck crossing” on Bartels Road where traffic can be delayed while the ducks waddle from one side to the other.

Dr John Dowie AM designed a sculpture for the parklands. This playful sculpture depicts Lewis Carroll’s Alice, the heroine of Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland. Characters from Carroll’s books appear on the statue’s base.  Cast in Italy the sculpture was unveiled at the end of 1962.

Visitors to the city of Adelaide, along with locals, can take advantage of the free Connector Bus. Alight at the stop on East Terrace to enjoy the beauty of nature in Rymill Park.

A peaceful picnic place in the city area.



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