London pubs are brimful of history; many of their names reflect either an historic event or personage.  London lost lots of pubs in the Great Fire which is why so many of the city’s oldest  date to 1667 or thereabouts.  The Pubs in London are in such beautiful old buildings and many hold on to their history with displays of local paraphernalia not necessarily found in museums. They often have  ornate Victorian interiors with grand mirrors and lavish tiling.

The flowers decorating the facades took my attention, of course; perhaps the simplest and most effective strategy for enhancing the general attractiveness of the properties is the use of flowers and foliage. This can range from a few well-placed and colourful hanging baskets or flower boxes above the doorway, to being so bedecked with ivy that the building underneath is barely visible. The most common use of foliage is to give a burst of colour near the entrance. Hanging baskets of trailing flowers draw the eye. It is a known fact that how a Pub looks is a key decision factor in determining whether a potential customer WALKS IN or WALKS BY.

In collating these photographs I have realised that I have walked MANY streets in this amazing city and that this is just a representation of the MANY pubs even though the number has declined in recent years.


6 thoughts on “LONDON PUBS

  1. WOW! The plethora of pubs you included here is impressive. And seeing all the comparisons, and differences, is interesting and fun (Dirty Dicks 😀 ). I am also amazed by the lettering and how none of them are the exactly same. 😉


    • Thanks for your comment Rommel. It is great to have a focus when photographing a city, be it doors, chimneys, flower boxes, etc. as you would know.
      When I was photographing Pubs my 12 year old granddaughter was photographing clocks and we had fun doing it!


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