The gardens are accessed on public transport with Tram #2 or #4 to Hoschgasse, followed by a 10 minute uphill walk  through an attractive residential area of Zurich.

This area was formerly a private garden and is now maintained as a university botanical garden. The design breaks with the traditions of central European gardens. There are, for example, no systematic beds. Most of the plants cultivated are wild species and no effort is made to show latest garden hybrids. There is a group of ‘bubble’ green houses. The new Botanic Garden was established in 1976. The expansive grounds offer several areas for one to just sit on a bench and take in the serene environment located here in the centre of the city. There are covered trails along the edge of the park and also a live bee colony.   The small old Botanic Garden is still maintained as a public park.

A casual two hour stroll is what we three friends enjoyed on the November day of our visit. There is a large pond and some smaller ones planted with lilies and other water plants which attract the frogs.

The ultimate highlight of the gardens is the three futuristic looking green houses. The foyer has relevant information to enlighten visitors before actually entering the planted area which is lush with orchids and tropical plants.  One of the pods has a high viewing platform.


Regensdorf has an area of 14.6 km2 (5.6 sq. mi). Of this area, 43.5% is used for agricultural purposes, while 23.6% is forested. Of the rest of the land, 30.6% is settled (buildings or roads) and the remainder (2.3%) is non-productive (rivers, glaciers or mountains).  Regensdorf can be reached from Zurich by train every half an hour. From the home of my friend we walked through the countryside enjoying the beautiful colours of autumn prior to my sad departure from Switzerland to continue my journey – next stop Munich.




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