Isola Comacina is the only island on Lake Como. This small piece of land is almost uninhabited and welcomes many visitors in the period between March and October – a charming experience for all who visit whether in sunshine or misty rain.

Pietro Lingeri built three houses on the island in 1939. His idea was to turn the island into a colony for artists. The houses were built in a rationalist style, made from local materials and without much decoration. The island now consists of a restaurant, cafe, a collection of archaeological sites plus the three artist houses.  This place is rich in history with much to discover in its secluded corners.  The picturesque open views of the Lake and the shore in the distance bring another dimension as one wanders the little pathways.  The architectural remains defy the passing of time and complete the stirring experience of a visit to this island.

A quote from my Travel Blog – The Grand Tour – 25th October 2013

“At about 100 metres from the Western side of the Lake, near Ossuccio, is the only Island of Lake Como. It is roughly 600 metres long and only 200 metres wide and has a total area of 6 hectares. It is covered with lush Mediterranean vegetation – olives, linden, laurel, hack berry, horn beam and black mulberry. This corner of Lake Como has a mild climate and is favourable for the cultivation of olive trees and the production of local oil. Explanatory panels along the way describe the archaeological sites, the Church of San Giovanni Battista and the House of Artists. This is a picturesque and enchanting corner of the world where nature and history come together. It was our pleasure to spend a couple of hours walking the trails today in such a peaceful atmosphere (we only encountered four other tourists). The weather was perfect with the sun shining in an amazing blue sky and a top temperature of 19 degrees.”


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