I trust that this Blog is something that we can together enjoy wherever we live in the world;  for me in the research, photography and presentation and for you in the reading and sharing of garden experiences in my home garden in South Australia and in public gardens near and far, both in Australia and overseas.

Just over 25 years ago I moved to an old cottage, in suburban Adelaide, on a large block of land which had Kikuyu (a prostrate creeping grass) from the back door to the back fence.   There were also several very old gum-oozing almond trees, together with recently planted umbrella trees (popular as a pot plant), along the fence line to enhance the property prior to sale.   The umbrella tree’s aggressive root system can easily crack sewer lines, water pipes, paths and walls.   I could see at a glance that the area didn’t just need a make-over, but total demolition.   Over a period of years of hard slog and introduction of much mushroom compost and new plantings the garden was established.  During these years I was working full-time, but the garden was a real gift to me as it is always a place where I can lose myself, helping me through times of personal difficulty.  I regret that I haven’t any “before” photos, but after a few years, I became the owner of a small Digital Camera and a computer so was challenged to photograph every type of flower as it bloomed.

My garden gave pleasure to many visitors and to my neighbours, with one elderly gentleman from the unit next door commenting “I no longer need to visit the Botanic Gardens as I can now just look over the fence”.


After retirement I travelled overseas for the first time and soon came to realise that travel and a large garden don’t suit each other.   I have now lived very happily for eight years in a much smaller cottage and have had several more very exciting overseas holidays.  When travelling, gardens are always high on the agenda and feature in my pre-trip research and planning.     I  have just enough garden area to provide me with a secluded spot among the shrubs, trees and flowers where I can sit, listen to the birds and ponder what can fill a space here and there, or just get lost in a book.   



3 thoughts on “ABOUT

  1. Oooohh.. it’s just beautiful. I got quite lost in the beauty of the photographs and enjoyed the commentary. I look forward to all that is to come!! thanks Shirley


  2. I used to love your Daw Park garden so much! I recall, too, that Suzanne made you a lovely photo album of the many plants and flowers that you had in your garden, and how surprised you were … then, that there were so many varieties. Lovely memories!


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